April 2019 LA Fintech & Crypto213

April Event


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Come mix and mingle with other Financial Technologist’s.  Learn about the newest and fastest changes going on in financial technology.  Finance is undergoing a massive change some call the “financial paradigm”.  Laws from 1930-1940 (old right?) are getting broken down with technological innovation in finance.  Find partners, talk about your project, bounce ideas, discover LA Fintech.Agenda:

7:00 pm Mix Mingle Network

7:30 pm Fintech Demos by:

Demo by Zac Harding of Sense Chat. Sense Chat is a decentralized messenger app with a digital wallet. You can text, video chat and call directly with your friends and family. None of your conversations are stored online so all your conversations are private and secure. Follow their Twitter at @SenseToken

8:00 pm Continue Mix Mingle Network

Free parking 3 hr validation w/ $12 purchase from the bar with the parking structure on 646 S. Olive St., Platinum Parking 637 S Olive Los Angeles 90014 $6, or Metro exit 7th St.

If you want to do a future demo, sign up HERE (plan 1-3 months lead time). If you’re an investor and want to talk, sign up HERE. Also, add your company to LA Fintechdirectory so others find you.

Upcoming events:

4-8/10 Crypto Invest Summit 

7-10/11 Barcelona Trading Summit brings together the top minds at the forefront of integrating the crypto economy with the financial services space.

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