2017 LA Fintech Awards Vote Now

Please vote for the best LA Fintech demo of 2017.  Cast your vote HERE and share this page.

@1FXPay  1FX PAY is the fast and secure way to send money, invoice, and get paid.

@34_Bytes  Developer of bitcoin point of sale solutions.

@CFSInnovation  Leading a network of innovators committed to improving the finhealth of American consumers.

@EquitiesInc  Leading fintech company that combines compelling digital financial news and a revolutionary commission-free trading platform.

@IBM IBM blockchain.

@LittleOhCap   Provides investment research in automated quantitative portfolio management.

@Paysly  Your personal auto-pilot for savings & payments. Let’s make those dreams come true 🙂

@StartupMoola  Private and Personal Investment Club where Investors transact with Inventors securely.

@TeamDivy  A simple, approachable and engaging discovery experience that turns your everyday thought and ideas into real investments.

@YodleeIncubator  Helps entrepreneurs launch disruptive data-driven companies and accelerate their growth.


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