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    The broad connotation of automation includes at least the following points: In terms of form, manufacturing automation has three meanings: instead of human physical labor, replacing or assisting human brain labor, coordination, management and control of man-machine and whole system in manufacturing system And optimization. In terms of function, automation instead of human physical or mental labor is only part of the automated functional target system. The functional goals of automation are multifaceted and have formed an organic system. In terms of scope, manufacturing automation involves not only the specific manufacturing process, but all processes in the product life cycle.、
    Product Features
    Main Processing: Automatic Thermocompression, Automatic die cut, Automatic sewing, laser cut, Automatic adhesive dispensing, CCD inspection, and FATP automatic solution, etc..
    Quality Guarantee Instruments
    We have strict IPQC for the whole production procedures, our QC team has the strictly related QC procedure & execution to guarantee the product performance.

    Production Equipments
    Professional automatic machines for soft goods assembling (FATP Solutions).
    Because for patent for invention and design, in order to protect our trade secret, we will not show the exact solution details in public.
    Our CNC Machines
    Packaging & Delivery
    After Sales Service
    All our products / service, within guarantee period we offer the after sales service as our promise, exact details up to the contract confirmed by each other. When exceeds warranty period, we also could offer paid service for repair or replacements.
    And for the automatic solution, we will offer the technology support about the operations, work training, issue solving, etc..Also when exceed the guarantee time, we could offer the paid service continually.
    FAQ List:OEM FATP Automation Solution