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    DescriptionCow Upper Crazy Horse Leather
    Size14+ sq ft/side
    ColorBlack, Wheat, Natural, White,Dk Brown, etc
    FeatherExcellent hand feel, high end quality
    UsageMainly on Handbags and Shoes, also apply to Garment, Belts, Accessories
    MOQ2,000sq ft/color (no MOQ for stock items)
    Delivery time3-5 weeks upon receipt of deposit
    RemarksColor, thickness and feather (such as hand feel) can be customized if necessary
    Crazy horse leather does not mean that the leather came from horses. This leather has been treated to look and feel aged while retaining its ruggedness and toughness. They are usually used to make horse saddles and hence the name “Crazy Horse.”
    Our leather can be used in making Shoes, Garment, Belt, Furniture, Handbag, Luggage, Sofa, Wallets, Clothes, Gloves, Note book etc.Crazy Horse Leather manufacturers