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    These are universal type furnaces. They find wide application in age hardening, temper hardening, annealing, normalization and in heating before forging, stretching, pressing, and glazing and baking of ceramics.
    it is used for experiments or small batch production of a variety of high-temperature heat treatment.

    It uses advanced insulation materials, high efficient and energy saving, intelligent control, easy to use.
    Operate temperature: 100 ℃~1600 ℃

    The main technical parameters:
    TypeFurnace Size
    (L×W×L)mmMaximum Working Temperature
    (℃)Installed Power
    SX-4-9325×200×125950 4
    SX-12-10500×300×2001000 12
    SX-4-13250×150×1001350 4
    SX-10-13400×200×1601350 10
    It can be specially designed according to users’ requirements

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