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    Import PTFE coated filter cartridge
    1. Welldone dust filter cartridge character:
    ● The filter has high efficient filter effect with layer of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film, which improve at least 3-5 time than traditional filter.
    ● It has 99.99% filtration efficiency for the dust that is more than 0.1micron.
    ● And the service life can reach 8000h, which is twice times more than the traditional filter.
    ● The filter structure also with patented design for easy replacement.

    2. What is PETE?
    PTFE material is a new type of dust catcher filter element. Even under the worst environment, it can make a great impression. PTFE filter element can reach the high filtration efficiency to the non-viscous dust. Even if the environmental temperature is lower than the dew-point temperature, filter elements also maintain constantly filtration capacity. The high mechanical stability of the material ensures the long service life of the filter element. The structure of the dust collector ensures that their existing filtration systems are compatible. PTFE coated filter has the advantage of membrane filtration and rigid body filtration. Small volume, large filtration area and strong rigid filter allows high work pressure, and has very long service life.
    3. Where we customize the PETF coated dust filter cartridge
    A small parts can cause serious problems in your dust collection system. An inefficient dust collection system will cause downtime and can be hazardous for your facility. It is very important that all components of your dust collection system are carefully engineered and precisely installed to get value for the money you spend on dust collection. Import and customized from Japan Toray. Very good brand technical and material is used in in Welldone filter, make sure fume is well collected.
    4. Self-cleaning principle of dust filter cartridge
    The cleaning of the precipitator filter material is achieved by a pulse blowing mechanism controlled by a differential pressure sensor: when the precipitator is operated for a period of time, fine soot is adsorbed on the surface of the filter material, so that the permeability of the filter material is lowered. The two probes of the differential pressure sensor are mounted on the original gas side and one on the clean gas side. When the differential pressure detected by the differential pressure sensor exceeds a certain set value, the differential pressure signal is output. After the pulse generator receives the signal, the pulse injection valve is sequentially started, and the clean compressed air is ejected from the valve port, and the ejector airflow is applied to the filter cartridge. Purging is performed until the pressure difference is lower than another set value; the dust collected on the surface of the filter material is removed by the air flow and falls in the dust collecting bucket at the lower part of the chamber body.
    Pulse injection requires 0.5 to 0.6 MPa of clean compressed air, and must maintain a continuous and constant supply of air during operation.Industrial Cartridge Filters factory