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    Name: chidren dining table portable folding
    Material: PP,steel pipe
    China(Mainland): Zhejiang
    Brand name: DODOBABY
    1.Children Dining Table Portable Folding has a soft cotton pad for skin and comfort.
    2. It is equipped with a removable tray for easy cleaning.
    3. It has a safety protection design to prevent the baby from slipping.
    4. It has a fixed fulcrum / table top to reduce foot suspension fatigue.
    5. It adopts stainless steel pipe to support the road, which is firm and stable and has strong bearing capacity.
    6. Anti-slip mat can avoid scratching the floor.
    1. Children Dining Table Portable Folding will not only help the baby to develop the habit of eating in the dining chair, but also avoid the trouble of chasing the feeding behind the ass.
    2. The baby is sitting in a chair that suits him, and he won’t be stunned by sitting unsteady, and his hands can be freed to grab the tableware.
    3. It can exercise the coordination ability of the baby’s hands, eyes and brain.
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