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    Head number1
    Needle number1
    Quilting width(mm)3000
    Max Speed (rpm)3000
    Stitch Length(mm)2-7
    Rotary hookBig
    Pattern Storage1000 PCS
    Main motorServo motor
    PowerSingle-phase, 220V/50Hz
    Power consumption1.5Kw
    – Professional sewing control system of high capacity
    – Parameter setting of trimming position
    – Power-off protection, servo reset
    – Fast working speed
    – Low vibration noisy
    – Electronic synchronization servo drive
    – Easily-worn parts don’t need oil
    – Adopt imported linear guider
    – Auto trimming upper and down thread
    – Oil system of rotary hook
    ● Adopt two servo control systems to control machine head and rotary shuttle. And the linear guide orbit device is used to move machine head, which not only enhances precision of movement but also reduces noise.
    ● Equipped with a new automatic oiling system, controlled by the computer, machine can accurately adjust oil supply, avoiding oil pollution to ensure the stable operation of the machine.
    ● Adopting Industrial computer, driven by frequency converter and step motor.
    ● Stable industrial control system is adopted, main shaft is controlled by AC servo control system, X-direction and Y-direction are controlled by the step motion control system.
    ● The latest industrial control main board, enable to use USB-disk start while other disks in computer can not work, with function of running and furbishing controlling system.
    Shipping type of Mattress machinery
    Mainly by sea or by rail or road transportation.Quilting Embroidery Machine Quality