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    Aluminum Foil Scrim Kraft Facing Roofing Facing Material Fsk Insulation
    Aluminum foil+ 2way scrim+kraft paper
    Aluminum foil+2 way scrim+kraft paper +Alu foil
    Aluminum foil+ 3 way scrim+kraft
    Aluminum foil+ 3 way scrim+kraft+Alu foil
    Technical parameters:
    Physical PropertiesTest MethodValue(English)Value(Metric)
    Basis WeightScale28.6lbs/1000ft2140gsm
    Permeance(WVTR)ASTM E96, Procedure A0.02perm1.15ng/N.s
    Tensile Strength – MDASTM D82845 lbs/in200N/25mm
    Tensile Strength – XDASTM D82828.4 lbs/in125N/25mm
    Burst StrengthASTM D77475.4 psi52 N/cm2
    Low Temperature
    ResistanceASTM D1790
    4 hrs @-40 掳F(-40 掳C)No DelaminationNo Delamination
    High Temperature
    ResistanceASTM D1790
    4 hrs @+240掳F(+116掳C)No DelaminationNo Delamination
    EmissivityASTM E4080.030.03
    Fire RatingUL 723 / ASTM E84Less 25/50 – PassedLess 25/51 – Passed
    ThicknessMicrometer0.0058 inch150 micron
    1. Good sound insulation and absor
    2. Exellent water vapor resistance
    3. Single side reflective PET/AL foil
    4. For wall,ceiling,roof,floor,factory building
    5. ISO9001 certificated6. GMC exellent supplier
    1. Sound,corrosion,light,vapor can be prevented effectively.
    2. For keeping warm air duct,sound insulation and absor,moisture-proof floor,etc.
    3. Eco-friendly,sound-proof,temperature resistant for construction,etc.
    4. For construction,OEM is available

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