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    Yawei Hydraulic Press Brake Machine
    This Hydraulic press brake machine standard with ESTUN E21 NC hydraulic press brake controller
    China top level hydraulic press brake valves and pump
    Amada type quick released for press brake toolings
    European press brake toolings
    30 degree acute upper punch and single V die
    Wila type press brake lower crowning bending table
    Press Brake machine back gauge with ball screw and linear guide
    Speical press brake machine fingers with height adjustable function
    Single V press brake toolings
    Torsion Bar design of hydraulic press brake machine
    Press brake machine back gauge
    Wila type press brake machine crowning table
    Bending depth, speed change point switch of Yawei press brake machine
    Side and rear safety fence of press brake machineNC Hydraulic Bending Machines China